Canadian Online Casinos

I have listed in no particular order below a range of features that all of the best rated Canadian online casinos players are offering, and as such if you are looking for one thing in particular from a casino site you will find the ones that tick all of the boxes on your checklist of wants and demands below!

What you ideally, in fact really do need to make sure of is that you select Cosmo Casino that is going to be giving you everything you need and more to ensure that your gaming sessions are fun, exciting and of course completely hassle free.

You pay your money and take your chances is of course a well known saying, however when it comes to selecting a casino site at which to play at you should never take any chances!

This guide has been compiled to present to you the best online casinos that all Canada based players can site up to and play at. Whilst there are of course lots of different casino sites available that you can play at, not all of them are recommended nor have good ratings so you better stick with our preferred gambling sites.

Zodiac Casino

Biggest Suite of Casino Games

One thing that is always going to surprise you as a player at Zodiac Casino is just how large their range of games is, for they use the Microgaming gaming platforms that have hundreds upon hundreds of different games available to you.

To ensure that you are always going to be very easily able to select the games that appeal to you the most, whenever you log into your account you will find a complete listing of all of their individual games displayed on the games menu.

By selecting any of those games categories you will then be presented with a complete listing of each of the games in that category. All games do offer you plenty of different staking options and you do also get the added advantage of being able to play any non progressive jackpot games via the demo mode version of the, so you can test any of the out to your heart's content before you set about playing them for real money!

For a fully rounded gaming experience do try and play several different games, for with so many of them available you are bound to come across plenty of game you have never seen or played online before!

Best Casino for Player Comps

Finding a Canadian player friendly is not going to prove very difficult, however finding one that is always going to reward your customer and loyalty is another matter, for these days most casino sites are quite tight when it comes to giving out comps to their real money players.

The management team at Golden Tiger Casino are fully aware that the best way to keep their players loyal and coming back for more is to always ensure players are reared for their real money gaming action, and as such they have an excellent comp club scheme in place at their casino site.

By simply signing up as a real money player you are then going to be automatically signed up to their player comp club scheme too, and as such as soon as you then start playing absolutely any of their huge and ever growing range of real money games you will be earning comp points as you play.

golden tiger casino

Those comp points are of course your key to then being able to claim a huge amount of complimentary casino credits as you simply have to choose how many comp points you have earned that you wish to swap for credits and they will then be added to your account instantly and with no delays!

Card and Table Game Players Paradise

There are of course some casino sites that welcome Canadian players with open arms that tend to specialize in some casino games, and it will be worth your time and effort signing up to and playing at Blackjack Ballroom Casino if it is casino card and table games that you enjoy playing the most!

What you will find when you sign up as one of their new players is that they have a huge array of different card and table games and many unique variants of certain individual games too.

As such if playing Blackjack is something you enjoy going you will find single hand variants on offer or if you prefer you can play the multi hand variants and even get stuck into playing the progressive Blackjack game they also have on offer.

If one the other hand you love laying table games such as Roulette then you will find a progressive variant of Roulette n offer, and will also find American, French and even European Roulette on offer to you too, and they also have a graphically stunning Premier Roulette game on offer too!

Best New Canadian Casino

Cosmo Casino is a brand new casino site that has recently gone live, and there is a lot to like about this great casino that is going to be of interest to you and you will like!

They are part of a group of established casinos, so you will be in very safe and trusted hands if and when you do decide to give them a try, and as they have just gone live to claim your new players huge valued sign up bonus too.

They have the complete range of Microgaming designed games and as such you will instantly have access to hundreds of different games all of which offer high payout percentages and very low house edges.

You will also find that you can of course deposit and play in Canadian Dollars, and as they are part of an established chain of online casinos you will get paid your winnings rapidly too and with no delays!

Excellent Service and Fun to Play Casino Games

There are quite a lot of casino sites you can play at that are powered by the state of the art Microgaming software however one casino site that I am always happy to recommend to all Canadian player is Luxury Casino.

Every aspect of that casino site has been designed with players in mind, so you can sign up in a minute or so and without any hoops to jump through and by doing so you will then have access to every single game available from Microgaming.

Both free play and real money options are available so you are never forced to have to make a deposit if you want to simply pass some time and play casino games online, as you are able to do so completely free of charge.

They offer an around the clock player support service too and all of their support team members are both friendly and have been fully trained in every single aspect of the casino, so if you ever are unsure about how to play game, make a deposit or have any other questions they are always going to be able to help you!

Play Casino Games That Are Proven Fair

Imagine how you would feel if you had been playing at an online casino site for real money over any length of time and you found out the games you have been playing at that site were not fair or random!

You would be extremely annoyed and would of course feel rightly ripped off. However by making a point of only playing at those Canadian online casino sites that I have named and showcased above you are never going to run the risk of playing any games that are less than 100% fair and random.

Every single one of the games available at each of those casino sites have been fully independently certified as being completely fair honest and true and the random number generators that determine the outcome of them have also been certified too.

As such it does not matter when you log into play at any of those top rated Canadian casino sites or what games you choose to play, every single one of them is always going to give you  fair and very reasonable chance of winning as they are all completely random and fair too.

Play You Own Way

Make sure that you are never going to be forced to have to play online casino games in a certain way when logged into any casino site you have chosen to sign up to and play at, for some casino sites do not offer their players a range of different option settings.

When selecting you favorite casino you want to sign up for and start playing, any of the top rated and fully licensed Canadian player friendly casino sites listed above use player adjustable option settings on every single one of their games.

You will also find things such as option settings that allow you to speed up or even slow down the speed at which each game plays off and you are also going to find an auto play setting on most of their games too.

Plus you can always play around with the staking options too which means you are always going to be able to play the games for the stake levels you want to play them for and can even play them for free if you so desire!

No Limit Progressive Jackpots

There are no limits in regards to the size and value tat any of the progressive jackpots on offer on any of the games at the Canadian casino sites listed above can grow to and as such you do have the chance of winning some mega amounts of cash when playing any of their available progressive games.

However, do keep in mind there are more than just progressive slot machines and slot games on offer so if it is games such as any form of card game, video poker games or table game you enjoy playing most of these games do also offer progressive jackpots at the Canadian casinos listed above too.

The stake levels can be fairly low on most of those casino sites respective progressive jackpot games, so at the end of the day you should quite easily be able to afford to play any of them.

Plus, if you do ever end up winning a progressive jackpot then those jackpot winnings will be paid in full and on time via not several different payouts by one huge gigantic payout!

Hassle Free Playing Experience

If you are looking for a fun and entertaining but much more importantly a completely hassle free type of gaming experience then you really should sign up to any of the casino sites listed above, as all of them do come highly recommend.

You are always more than welcome to put any of even all of them to the test via a free play demo mode version of each casino site, and then you can put their respective range of games a try for fun and at no risk.

The real benefits do of course come when you set about playing for real money, for when you do make your initial Canadian Dollar deposit into any of those casino sites listed above you will then qualify instantly for their respective new player sign up bonuses

Plus, a steady supply of value packed ongoing bonuses and promotional offers will then be coming your way if you stay loyal to any of those casinos. New games are always being launched onto each of the gaming platforms of the casinos above and as such you will never go short in regards to fun and exciting brand spanking new games to play at each of them!