Zodiac Casino 80 Free Spins

It is the unique and it does have to be said very generous bonuses and promotion offers that keep players returning to play at Zodiac Casino, for they offer lots of bonuses that players are always able to use as an when they want to use them.

Canadian players are currency able to make use of a very generous Cosmo Casino promotional offer on which they are going to be able to claim a set of 80 free spins, which are going to be credited to one of the most exciting of slots and one on which you could win a huge fortune too!

That is bound to appeal to a lot of players that havenít yet signed up to Zodiac Casino, and with that in mind if you are looking for a top rated casino site at which to play at, but one that does look after their players from the very minute they sign up and you live in Canada then do give them a try!

There are not unfair bonus terms attached to the 80 free spins for Canadian Online Casinos players at Zodiac Casino, and the sooner a player signs up the sooner they can then of course play off those free spins!

Deposit and Play in Canadian Dollars

A fair chunk of your deposits and also any winning payouts you request can be lost to currency exchange rates, and associated fees and charges too when forced to have to make a deposit into any casino site using anything other than your home currency!

cosmo casino

That is one of the main reasons I always advise players to consider playing at Zodiac Casino, for when you do first initially sign up as one of their new players the option to select one of several different currencies will be on offer.

Not only that but players do additional have a range of different language options available, which means they can play in their own home currency and have all of the games, banking interface and even talk to the support team in their own preferred language too.

Deposits made into a Zodiac Casino account are instant, so there is never a delay in you paying for a deposit and it then appearing in your account, and to ensure Canadian players are able to play whenever they like there are plenty of banking options also available too.

There are not that many online casino sites that will let their players use Canadian Dollars as their preferred currency and not many that do offer players an enormous range of fee free ways to deposit too, but that is something always offered by Zodiac Casino.

For additional information on the deposit methods and also the payout time scales then do feel free to take a good look over the banking page of their website as you will find detailed information on all payment methods offered and find out for yourself at firsthand just how quickly they pay players too.

Plenty of Slot Player Promotional Offers

Playing slot machines is always going to be a risky business, for you never know whether your next slot playing session is going to be a winning one or a losing one, and players never knowing whether they are going to have a fun filled session until they start playing of course!

There is one major advantage of signing up to and then playing at Zodiac Casino, if you are a slot player and that is they never run out of imaginative ways to ensure their slot players do get plenty of extra play time.

They do of course do that through some of the most unusual of slot playing promotional offers, and as such when players do sign up and have made use of the 80 free spins promotional offer, they are then going to find no shortages of ongoing promotional offers that have been designed to extend their play time.

The longer you have to play slots online the more fun and winning chances you will have, and with no payout caps on just how much you can win when playing off any Zodiac Casino promotional offer or their bonus credits they sky really is the limit in regards to how much players could win.

golden tiger casino

You may have no desire to claim any slot player promotional offers as a real money player at Zodiac Casino, and if not then players are always free to reject any bonus they may have been offered.

There are of course benefits to be had when playing with your own money, the one major one being you can cash out when you like and will never have to play through your deposit in line with any play through requirements which players do have to do of course when playing off bonus credits!

The Biggest Range of Slots at Zodiac Casino

Players are often blown away in regards to the sheer number of different slot games on offer at Zodiac Casino, for there are not just a small selection of them on offer, but literally hundreds of different types and lots of different categories of slot games too.

Playing classic slots is something that many players love doing, and they have dozens of different slots on which there is only one single pay lien that needs activating, and the jackpots and payout percentages by the way on those classic slot games are high and very appealing.

Three reel slots on which more than a single pay line can be activated and sent into live play are also not in short supply, so for any players looking for basic playing slot games but ones on which they have more chances of forming a winning combination when compared to classic slots then they are the ones those players should be playing.

Video slot games are of course the ones that offer a plethora of different bonus games and bonus features, so if any player out there does want one of the most exciting of slot playing experiences make sure that it is the video slot games you get stuck into playing for bags of fun!

Progressive jackpot awarding slots are also readily available at Zodiac Casino, and when the jackpots on offer on those high paying slot games get won the casino pays out those jackpots to the winners not only rapidly but also via a one single payment paid directly into players bank accounts.

Fruit Machines are also on offer at Zodiac Casino, so there is no doubt in my mind what so ever that no matter what types of slots players do want to play they are going to find plenty of them at Zodiac Casino!

Slot Game Configurations at Zodiac Casino

The slot game supplier that has designed every single slot machine at Zodiac Casino is Microgaming, however they have also commissioned a few other slot game designers to make some exclusive slots that can only be found at casinos that use their gaming platforms.

However, unlike those games available at other casino sites the way players can get stuck into playing them is not set in stone, for there are going to be a huge array of different configurable option settings that players can avail themselves of.

So if playing slot games rapidly is something you crave doing there is a speed setting that when activated speed up the rate and pace at which the slot games reels will spins and the stop, but you can of course slow them down if you want longer lasting slot laying sessions.

There is also an auto play options available on the Zodiac Casino slot games, including the one on which you can claim 80 free spins if you are a Canadian player! So sitting back and watching each slot play is something players can also have the option of doing.

The stake levels in regards to the coin values, the number of coins per line you wager and also just how many pay lines a player can activate is something else that can be adjusted, so it is very true to say that Zodiac Casino does cater for both high rollers and low rollers alike!

The one thing that Zodiac Casino cannot do with either their free play or real money slot machines is alter or adjust their respective long term expected payout percentages. Those payout percentages are published and known and some of their slot games offer huge payout percentages by the way!

Make sure you do sample the delights of playing the slot games from Microgaming available at Zodiac Casino, and make sure you claim those 80 free spins sooner rather than later too, as you never know, today may just be your lucky day!

Trigger Your Own Free Spins at Zodiac Casino

Once you do make use of the 80 free spins at Zodiac Casino that are available to allow Canadian players signing up for the very first time, you can then choose to play many of their free spins awarding video slots, so could bag  large number of free spins yourself.

What many players tend to do when deciding just which video slots to play that offer some form of free spins bonus game is to pick out the slots on which the free spins feature round can be re-triggered multiple times.

That way if and when they do trigger a free spins bonus game feature round they also have a chance of re-triggering that bonus game which in turn will increase the possibility of them winning big!

I would however seer you towards playing the video slots on which there is not only a free spins bonus game that can and may just re-trigger any number of times, but those slot son which there is a high valued multiplier attached to them too.

That way as soon as you are playing off your awarded free spins, any winning combinations that are then spun in will also be boosted by the value of the multiplier value attached to that bonus game which could be the key to a mega sized winning payout of course!

But at the end of the day never forget, that with simply hundreds of different slot games on offer, players always can pick and choose just which slots they play and when and for just what stake levels they wish to play for too at Zodiac Casino!

Plenty of New Free Spin Slots at Zodiac Casino

Playing the very latest slot machines of which free spins and a plethora of additional bonus games and bonuses features will be awarded to you is going to be very easy to do at Zodiac Casino, for every four weeks or so they get a brand new selection of games.

Those games are actually loaded onto all of their gaming platforms at the exact same time, so it doesnít really matter which of them you are using all players are always going to have access to fun to play but never seen before slots each month of the year!

But I would certainly advise any players at Zodiac Casinos to at the very least take a look at some of their many different progressive jackpot slot machines and slot games, for there are some life changing jackpot always available on the!

With some luck in playing it could take just one spin for any player to win one of those jackpots, and that is something many players do achieve each year at this top rated and high recommended casino site.

So if you are sat there right now, and you are one of our Canadian website visitors, how about making use of those 80 free slot spins that are waiting for you right now, you may be very thankful you did make use of them if you do win one of those large jackpots.

But you will never know unless you set about playing off those free of charge and no risk spins, any of which could turn out to be a winning spin of course!